Indicative rates for a resident care provider

What cost live in caregiver

Indicative rates for a resident care provider:

From a WLZ indication 5, healthcare will cost you almost nothing.

Standard rates per month for individual guidance, care and nursing are for care of 1 person:

1) Domestic care with an English-speaking or German-speaking resident care provider € 800 per week.

2) Household and individual guidance with an English-speaking or German-speaking resident care provider is from € 1000 per week.

3) Household and personal care, individual guidance and nursing with an English or German-speaking resident care provider is between 1200 and 1500 per week

The definitive rate can only be determined after the interview and is partly determined by the care level, the circumstances and the required qualifications of the resident care provider.

Twice a year, during Easter and Christmas, public holidays are allowances € 272 applies. You can pay these costs once a year from the PGB. This means that you pay the € 272 yourself once a year.

We pay these allowances on various public holidays in the current year.

The above prices do not include travel costs, these costs are € 80.00 per month for a Czech and Slovak resident care provider. However, it may be that the travel costs are more expensive because the COVID-19. That is to say, this maximum of € 150. This has to do with the strict travel measures that must be taken.

You can partly reimburse the travel costs from the PGB, you can do this by applying for the accountability-free amount.
With an indication 5, the accountability-free amount is around € 800.

Because you have been paying premiums all your life and everyone in the Netherlands who needs care is entitled to them, you can largely pay a resident care provider from the PGB. The Personal Budget for WLZ Indication 5 and 6 in 2021 stands for € 54,289

The average costs per year for a live-in care provider are approximately € 45,500 (for 1 person).

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