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Why do people choose Babs Zorg Bureau?

  • Live in Caregiver from the Babs Zorg Bureau will take care of you. You can for example think of helping with getting up, getting dressed, showering, shopping, cooking, eating together and walking. However, our carer does not perform medical procedures. They are not authorized to do this. If you need pure medical care, you can turn to local home care.
  • They are many others preceded you and they have rated our care with high client satisfaction, namely a 9.
  • We have no waiting lists.
  • We look at what is possible instead of what seems impossible.
  • We work together with various foreign Care Bureau who present us available carer within a short time.

    What does cost  24-hour home care from Babs Zorg Bureau?

Our 24-hour care service currently costs between 2500 and 3000 euros per month, if you have a PGB from that you can pay for the cost. Services paid from a PGB are exempt from VAT. If you do not have a PGB, the healthcare service will be increased with VAT.

Is this a lot of money?

No, certainly not when you see what you get for it. You will receive someone permanently at home who can assist you at any time. The caregiver takes over part of your or your neighbor’s care, which brings you peace to the house again.

Will the caregiver also stay during the holidays?

During the Easter and Christmas / New Year’s Eve holidays, the caregiver is entitled to a holiday. She decides for herself whether they will continue to provide care, support and guidance. You should therefore bear in mind that an alternative may be required during the Christmas period and / or Easter days. Of course there is in the planning as much as possible consider your wishes according to the planning. If the care provider chooses to continue working, you will pay an additional € 272 for this holiday allowance. The holiday allowance is paid from the PGB.

Can the caregiver take care of my wounds?

Our Caregiver do not provided  medical care. For this we work together with other home care organizations. We are happy to organize it for you.

How much free time do I have to give my healthcare provider?

At least one day a week. This can be entered in consultation with each other. The caregiver may actually leave the home during these hours.

Is the caregiver registered at my address?

No, she (or he) is seconded from Czech Republic or Slovak or Poland and remains registered there. 

Does the caregiver need its own bathroom?

The caregiver must be able to use a bath or shower, but does not have to have his own bathing facilities.

Are there any additional costs associated with 24-hour care?

You pay the travel costs for the caregivers, € 75 per one-way trip. If the care providers alternate each other every two months, then that comes to around € 900 per calendar year. If they alternate more often, the amount becomes slightly higher, if they exchange less often, the costs are also reduced.

Can my caregiver do my shopping with my debit card?

No, your caregiver  does not have access to your finances and your debit card. Your carer will receive cash from you. The expenses are submitted on the basis of proof of purchase / receipts.

Can the caregiver use my car?

Yes, that is possible if the caregiver  is in possession of a driver’s license. It is important to inform your car insurance about this.

Am I entitled to a PGB?

You are eligible for a PGB if you have a care indication. This describes what type of care you need. The CIZ determines the care indication. (See the question below) The level of the indication then determines the level of the PGB.

What is a PGB?

The personal budget (PGB) is a sum of money made available by the government that you can use to purchase the live in carer  by yourself. The personal budget is funded by the General Exceptional Medical Expenses low (AWBZ).

Since January 1, 2015 you can get a pgb from 4 different laws.

Pgb from Long-Term Care low (Wlz)

Pgb from the Social Support low (Wmo)

Pgb from the Youth low

Pgb from the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zvw)

You can request a care indication from the Care Indication Center (CIZ). The clients of Babs Zorg Bureau receive a personal budget (PGB) from the Social Support low (WMO). With this, the care can be purchased. Our 24-hour care is 100% affordable from this Personal Budget (PGB). 

Is the 24-hour care reimbursed by health insurance?

No, the 24-hour care is reimbursed under the Wlz. With a Personal Budget (PGB) from the Wlz you can purchase 24-hour care if you have an indication.

How do I request care from the Wlz?

Your application in four steps

This diagram shows exactly which steps you must take.

How do I request a care indication at CIZ?

People who require long-term care can request a care indication from the CIZ (Center for the Indication of Care) at www.ciz.nl. We are happy to help you with this.

What is the height of my PGB?

You can see this on the PGB 2018 rate table. Based on the height of the care profile, you can see what amount you have to spend per year. 
I receive a PGB for the Social Municipality low (Wmo) from the municipality. Can I also use this to purchase 24-hour care?
This differs per municipality. Contact your municipality for this.

What is the role of the care office?

The care office will consider your choice for the interpretation of your PGB. Here you can find exactly how that works.

What is meant by drawing right?

From January 1, 2015, budget holders with a PGB from the Wlz will no longer receive the budget into their own account. Payment goes through the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), the carer are paid by the SVB on behalf of the budget holder. This is called “drawing right.”

Is the language a problem?

No, in almost all cases that appears to be no problem. Our carer speak German or English. This will be coordinated with you during the intake that we do before we start looking for suitable help. Usually the carer quickly learns some useful words. This makes that the communication is not necessary a problem. You will live together in one house and you will get used to each other in a short time.

What exactly does “living-in” mean?

This means that the caregiver will come to live in your home. You have at least one separate room with a bed available for this. The carer uses your kitchen and bathroom and eats with you. The costs for this are for you and are in addition to the compensation for our service.  

How is caregiver insurance insured?

Caregiver  is insured in the country of origin. This insurance is also valid in the Netherlands.

How long does an caregiver stay?

You can assume a period of 3 months. After that, the caregiver exchanged with another caregiver. Our aim is that you have 2 permanent caregiver who alternate with each other. A longer or shorter period than 3 months is negotiable, for example in consultation with the caregiver.

I need medical care, is that also possible?

The Caregiver is not authorized to provide medical care in the Netherlands, even though they are usually able to do so or have the necessary diplomas that apply in their home country. For medical assistance we refer you to the local home care. The caregiver and the medical home care complement each other. Together the care is completely.

How does my caregiver come to the Netherlands?

The Babs Zorg Bureau guides the journey from your home country to the Netherlands, right up to your front door and vice versa. You don’t have to worry about that.

How is supervision arranged?

Your care coordinator will contact you regularly to discuss whether everything is satisfactory. We strive for a perfect match between you and your carer because we know how important that is. If necessary, we also consult with the carer. Both you and your carer must both be satisfied.

Is the caregiver certified?

Yes, almost all carer have followed a course in care in their home country. Even more important  most carer also have experience in care. After the intake we make selection of caregiver who are suitable to your wishes. Training and work experience are also indicated with that selection.

Can we speak with caregiver before he / she comes to the Netherlands?

That’s certainly possible. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do that. You can always call and in most cases this can also be done via Skype “live”  so that you can really get know your carer.

I am not satisfied with the caregiver. What now?

Then contact your care coordinator immediately. Your care is important for us and to be dissatisfied is our priority. Because your concern is our concern!


What our clients say about us

door A.T., Amsterdam

“Thanks Babs Zorg: Frederic and Barbora, for all your help over the last 4 years or so, since we first engaged Living Assistance. Your carers and service were exemplary and made mum and dad’s final years easier...

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