Hire Home Care

How can you arrange home care?

You can apply for home care as follows:

  • Domestic help: at your municipality (Wmo support);
  • Personal care for young people up to the age of 18: at your municipality (youth care);
  • Personal care assistance (if this is necessary due to psychological problems, a mental disorder or a sensory disability): at your municipality (Wmo support);
  • Guidance in daily life: at your municipality (Wmo support);
  • Nursing and personal care (in case of physical illness or disability and in the case of dementia): district nurse of the home care institution.

    Multiple PGBs at the same time

For example, it is also possible that you receive several pgbs at the same time. For example if you or your child has an indication for guidance, care and nursing. Then you will receive a pgb from the municipality (Wmo 2015 or Youth low) and the health insurer. You can only spend the municipal budget on care and support for which the municipality is responsible. You can only spend the PGB of the health insurer on care for which the health insurer is responsible.

Client support

It may be wise to ask for help from a client support person who will look with you to see if the PGB fits you well. You can request client support from the municipality and it is free.

Source: Central Government  (Rijksoverheid)  

What our clients say about us

door A.T., Amsterdam

“Thanks Babs Zorg Bureau: Frederic and Barbora, for all your help over the last 4 years or so, since we first engaged Living Assistance. Your carers and service were exemplary and made mum and dad’s final years easier...

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