Insurance for long term caregiver 

Basic health insurance 

Our live in carer are always live in  and usually come for 2 or 3 months. If you opt for a longer period, the live in carer must be registered in your municipality (GBA) . 

Foreign employees who work in the Netherlands must to have  the Basic Health Insurance as we know it in the Netherlands. 
With the basic health insurance, the live in carer is insured for medical costs. 
For the basic insurance, every adult has a compulsory own risk of € 385. That means that you have to pay the first € 385 that you incur in healthcare costs yourself. Only then will your health insurer pay the costs. The own risk can only  applies per person and you cannot share it with anyone else. 

Benefits of basic health insurance: 

* You thereby partially fulfill your care obligation, 

* You meet to the requirements of the SVB, CVZ 

* Cover for existing disorders / ailments, 

* Cover for, for example, mental disorders, 

* The medical costs are directly declared by the carer to the insurer, 

* No or hardly any additional costs only  if the carer receives a healthcare allowance.  

Apply for basic health insurance 

Once your live in caregiver is in the Netherlands, you must register it in your municipality  (Personal Personal Records Database, previously GBA). It is important that your health care provider receives a social security number with this registration! This is necessary to be able to apply for basic health insurance. 

Liability insurance (liability insurance)

Our candidates do not have standard liability insurance. If you think this is necessary, you will have to take care of it yourself. It is advisable

What our clients say about us

door A.T., Amsterdam

“Thanks Babs Zorg: Frederic and Barbora, for all your help over the last 4 years or so, since we first engaged Living Assistance. Your carers and service were exemplary and made mum and dad’s final years easier...

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