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Hoe we are

Babs Zorg is an agency that places a resident care provider with care experience with care needer of all ages. With this, our resident care provider supports people with chronic illness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, physical limitations, housework and palliative care. The focus here is on care for the elderly, but we also offer support for care for the disabled and youth care.
It is an alternative for clients who do not want to go to a nursing or care home, where home care cannot provide the desired care moments or when more or less permanent supervision is desired.  

Our live-in caregiver will help you structure your day and support you to keep doing your daily activities. The care providers come from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, they are experienced, loyal, reliable, very friendly and full of attention for the care. They speak English, German or sometimes basic Dutch. 

Babs Zorg provides care providers who are live in with the client for 1 to 3 months. The care providers stay for a period of two or three months, after that the change takes place. We strive to ensure that they are two healthcare providers the same who replace each other every two or three months. In accordance with the Dutch Working Hours law, they work between 35 and 40 hours a week, spread over 6 days. They have room and board at your home, they can supervise you with their presence for the rest of the time, they are 1 day a week off.

People in a vulnerable phase of their lives can rely on Babs Zorg. These people are therefore dependent in many depend on the employees of Babs Zorg. Employee behavior has a direct influence on the happiness of the client.

We offer you the best option: 

Concept 1 to 3 months Home Care 

Babs Zorg Bureau distinguishes provides a number of services, which can be delivered in combination: 

Household support

Individual guidance

Personal care

Palliative care

Youth Services

Household care

We can imagine that due to old age, an illness or temporarily you are no longer able to perform all household tasks yourself.

In that case, our resident caregiver can take over your household duties or help you perform a number of tasks. A fresh and clean house is of course always nice.

Our professional resident caregiver helps people in need of care at home with performing various household tasks, with relocations in and around the home and with personal care.

The frequency of interventions depends to a large extent on the self-reliance of the applicant and his / her relatives.

Household care means, among other things, that a hot meal is prepared, rather small-scale cleaning work is carried out such as sweeping, mopping, window cleaning (no major spring cleaning), groceries, laundry and ironing. If necessary, the live in caregiver will also help the client with personal hygiene. 

Individual  guidance

When you need support or just need company, then it is nice if this is done by someone who makes you feel comfortable. Even if you need support and care, we understand that this must be done the way you want.

Together we choose a caregiver that matches your life and experience.

Our Caregiver helps you to structure the day and supports him or her to continue doing your daily things yourself.

A personal click and good contact with your live in caregiver is then important. Our resident caregiver can both offer company and be a personal assistant. It is someone who is there for you, has all the time for you, who listens, helps you to fulfill your wishes and needs and does the things that are important to you.

The tasks can for example: spend (part of) the day together, walk together, play a game, have a good conversation, recall memories, undertake an outdoor activity, visit family and friends, support and transport to appointments or shopping, organizing and recalling appointments, offering a listening ear, moving together, preparing meals.

Personal care

Elderly who can’t  cook for themselves and hardly go outside?

There comes a time when you would rather not leave them alone, because they can no longer take care of themselves.

An elderly person who moves to a care home experiences that as saying goodbye to independence. The fear of being alone, in an anonymous, impersonal situation. And most elderly people don’t want that. We understand that and therefore we provide live in caregiver the most suitable for the elderly. So that with live in caregiver you get the right care in your trusted environment.

Especially with personal care it is difficult when you become dependent on others. It is radical to accept support when washing and showering, getting dressed, eating and drinking and going to the toilet. In such situations, it is mainly about respect, trust, certainty, dignity and your own image. Our resident caregiver work carefully and with dedication, get to know you well and look after you based on your preferences and needs.

Palliative care

Palliative care is not intended to cure the patient. This care is applied when the patient can no longer heal. The goal, however, is to give the patient a life as long as possible with a good quality of life. This goes according to the patient’s own wishes and choices. An attempt is made to prevent inconveniences and to alleviate complaints.

Important topics that have to do with palliative care are:

Quality of life of the client.

This includes the wishes and needs of the client and loved ones.

Dealing with symptoms (symptom management).

Making agreements and joint decision-making.

The wishes, ideas and decisions of the client (autonomy of the client / freedom of the client to make decisions).

The care is provided by different caregiver who work together (integral and multi-dimensional approach).

Healthcare is also aimed at relatives.

For the client’s environment, it is often drastic when their loved one is sick and cannot get better.

Anticipate and try to think in advance what complaints and problems can be expected in the near future.

Youth services

Babs Zorg also offers 24/7 support to young clients if required.

Think of young people with a mental handicap, physical disability, autistic disorder ADHD, or another reason why parents want 24/7 help at home.

Some young people cannot manage independently at a younger age due to a disability or autism. Short care moments are sometimes not a good solution when more structure and personal attention are required. Our specialized live in caregiver offers good guidance and support in the daily routine. Happiness is a great asset. 

How can you arrange home care?

You can apply for home care as follows:

  • Domestic help: at your municipality (Wmo support);
  • Personal care for youth up to the age of 18: at your municipality (youth assistance);
  • Guidance with personal care (if this is necessary due to psychological problems, an intellectual disability or a sensory disability): at your municipality (Wmo support);
  • Guidance in daily life: at your municipality (Wmo support);
  • Nursing and personal care (in case of physical illness or disability and in the case of dementia): district nurse at the home care institution. 

Costs and reimbursement

You mean for average

€ 100 / day, 24 hours Home care. The caregiver that we mediate is engaged in their work for about 8 hours a day, considering  they are live in, is always  there someone in the house to supervise. That gives confidence and a lot of peace.

For the financing of household help you can go to the WMO (Social Support Act) counter of the municipality where you live. You can request an indication here. From the moment that the municipality has issued the decision, you are entitled to domestic help. If you need help with this, you can contact us.

Your concern is our concern!

Mediation with 24-hour caregiver day and night care, supervision and guidance (in almost all cases 100% affordable from the PGB!).

What our clients say about us

door A.T., Amsterdam

“Thanks Babs Zorg: Frederic and Barbora, for all your help over the last 4 years or so, since we first engaged Living Assistance. Your carers and service were exemplary and made mum and dad’s final years easier...

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