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Stefani    Zorg Au Pair

Registered on : 01-02-2019

Age :  40 years old

Gender : Female

Nationality :  Slovak

Town/county:  Slovak

Candidate ID : 424

Last activity : Senoir Care

Starting Date :  Direct

Duration:  12 months

Profession : Senior Carer

Driver: Yes

Smoking : No

Target Countries : Netherlands

Care Experience : Yes

languages: English (native English speaking), German(good).

Can you swim: Yes

Position: Carer

Dear family,
Iam Stefany and I am 30 years old, originally from Slovakia. I have been working with children as an au-pair and nanny since I was 19. I lived in UK since 2000-2008.
I enjoy working with children, at the moment am helping look after my sisters own children
here in Slovakia, a girl of 2 years old and a boy of 5years old. As a nanny I have experience with children from 15 months up to 14 years, but I prefer to work with small children. I use to do all the basic things, that children need: dress them, feed them, cooking, cleaning, tyding up, take them to school, play and create activites with them, I often was on my own with children, and I have done many babbysittings.
Personal Note
Mature and responsible, I have kind and sensible personality for the others needs, I think Im kind and happy person, funny at times with children. My free time I like to spend well, with friends, or on my own, I like walks, relflections, art work, nature, travell, iam learning piano, and I like to listen nice music or singing.
Why I wanted to work with children and family:
I like this work, it gives me more joy working, as well as helping others, and kids are so happy and lovely. I was thinking of becoming a teacher or working with children in needs, but I have to get the qualifications I need for this. I would like to complete my english course, and find another course where I could study to get the qualifications.
Why I prefer Holland:
the reason why I have chosen Holland is, because I have never been there, it is not so far from Slovakia and I can speak English, and maybe I could also learn German.
I hope to hear fom you, if you would like to speak with me, I will only be happy.
Thanks a lot,

Best regards

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