A Nanny is from 21 and older. All our Nannies hold a formal childcare experience qualification or have working experience as a Nanny.
A Nanny is capable of sole charge and responsible solely for care of all the children’s needs, supervise and look after school children out of school hours, keeping them from routine and helping them with home work, etc.. She can also prepare meals; do the laundry and keeping the bedrooms clean and tidy.

Some of the approved child care qualifications are listed below:
Not all nannies have a qualifier, but an intensive experience in childcare preferred. We consider child care center teacher with 4 years experience as fully qualified as a qualified Nanny.

Work hours
Nanny work 40 hours per week and can two times been asking for babysitting.
Nannies are usually happy to travel with the family.
Salary varies depending on their age and experience. The Nanny can earn between € 200 – € 300 (net) per week.

General information about Nanny salary
Employment Contract
Each nanny will have a contract with the host family.
In the contract will been all the contractual arrangements such as fixed salary, vacation, illness, notice, etc.
As Nanny you will get your net paid salaries as included in the contract. This does not imply that the family is not going to pay tax on the wages. It is therefore wise to reserve this amount monthly.
The family can forfeit the administrative work through Babs Au pair Agency.
The cost for the administration work through BabsAupairAgency is between
€ 100 and € 120 (for 35 and 40 hours / week).

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